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Fireweed is a beautiful pinkish-purple flower that takes root in the ashes after the devastation of a forest fire. If it weren't for the ashes, there would be no exquisite, fuchsia beauty. Likewise, if it weren't for my unplanned pregnancy at sixteen and the placement of my child for adoption, my very own Fireweed would not have taken root. In order to flourish I had to suffer the flames. This is the memoir of my fire and ash and this is God’s story of redemption and beauty.

A portion of all books sold- Kindle and Paperback- goes towards Fireweed Retreat, a Christ-centered Retreat for Birthmothers. If you live near Bowling Green, Ohio contact the author for a signed paperback hand delivered!

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Fireweed puts you in the author's shoes as a pregnant teenager that must make an important decision—walking you through the roller-coaster of emotions, heartbreak, and ultimate healing. Fireweed recounts a raw and vulnerable journey that serves as a wealth of information to help bring understanding to those supporting a biological parent pre-and-post-adoption.

Birthparent support person

Birthparent support person




Jennifer is a 5'4" wife to an incredible, 6'9" man, mother to three amazing, also tall, kids, daughter of fantastic parents, certified adoption assessor with Spirit of Faith Adoptions, Christian author, speaker, founder of ***Fireweed Retreat, Social Work student at BGSU and a Birthmother who placed over 15 years ago. Yes, that's a full seed pack's worth of titles, but through them God has firmly planted her in His lavish field of grace.

***Fireweed Retreat is a Christ-centered Birthmother's retreat that focuses on the hope and healing of Jesus.  

A weekend of relaxation and uplifting Biblical truths, healthy self-care and community care.

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