Fireweed Retreat

Fireweed Retreat is founded by author, Jennifer Mae. The retreat is named after her book (See book for a description of the flower, Fireweed, and its significance ).

Fireweed Retreat is a Christ-center retreat for Birthmothers looking to connect with other women who placed and are wanting to find the hope of Jesus in their stories.

Age of Birthmother, year of placement, and adoption status (closed, open, reunited, etc.), and agency, attorney, or services in which one placed does not impact a first mother's invite- all are welcome.

Fireweed Retreat's second year is in the planning stages. More will be announced as we draw closer to September 2021. Date and time TBD.

If you would like to be a part of our board/planning committee reach out to Jennifer Mae at

Fireweed 2020 was AMAZING!

We gathered together from afar and learned about our worth and identity in Jesus. Many women reach out after to say how Fireweed Retreat positively impacted them. We are looking forward to, prayerfully, being in person for 2021 Fireweed Retreat!

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