Fireweed Retreat
Beulah Beach: September 18th-20th, 2020
Fireweed Retreat is founded by author, Jennifer Mae. The retreat is named after her book (See book for a description of the flower, Fireweed, and its significance ).

Fireweed Retreat is a Christ-center retreat for Birthmothers looking to connect with other women who placed and are wanting to find the hope of Jesus in their stories.

Age of Birthmother, year of placement and adoption status (closed, open, reunited) and agency in which one placed does not matter- all are welcome.

Fireweed Retreat will be a chance to learn more in-depth with Marriage and Family Therapist, Michelle Harris, about your Enneagram number- how God made you see and function in the world while in health and stress. And how to transform that number into healthy self-care to take home with you.
Laurel Bruhl will also join us to talk about navigating/defusing triggers and making wise/healthy decisions.
It will  It will be a time of rest, connection, fun, and relaxation. A weekend focusing on each woman's worth in Jesus, celebrating her and her inherent value, not just as a birth/first/biological mother but as a human being.  
Cost for Birth/First/Biological Moms: $86
(Price includes lodging at cottages, food, speakers and activities.) 
Available Openings for Attendees: 13
Registration will be opening mid-June, 2020.
A private Facebook Group will open to the current year's attendees as soon as they register. 
Our first year will start small. As we get the word out we will open for more attendee spots in the following years.

Our Staff includes :

- Sharron: Our beloved Christ-following Mentor Mom. She is a Birth Mother who placed years ago and now is in a healthy reunion with her adult child.
- Jennifer:  A Christ-following Birthmother and founder of Fireweed Retreat
-Bobbi: Christ-following Birth Grandmother 
-Stacy: A Christ-following licensed Counselor on the sidelines for any woman who may need to take a one-on-one break. 
-Amazing support staff

If you would like to be a part of our board/planning committee reach out to Jennifer Mae at

Guest Speakers

Michelle Harris, MFT

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