A Call To Write

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

It took me six years to write this book but truly it was a lifetime in the making.

The more I spoke on my writing throughout the years the more I met women who are just like me. Not in the sense of adoption, though I have received the honor of getting to know more women in this corner of the triad. What I mean, are women who have a root wound of longing to be tangibly shown they are loved and worth the investment of time. Women who seek to heal primal wounds with intimate relationships.

Yes, my book is about adoption from a Birthmother's perspective but it is so much more because Birthmothers are so much more than the surface of placing a child for adoption.

And truly, you do not ever have to come to the choice of adoption, nor do you even have to have experienced a crisis pregnancy to have/understand this primal wound. There are so many women out there who do not know how much God loves them and desires a relationship with them because their earthly father, whether unintentionally or with intent showed them they are not worth the emotional investment they desperately needed or their earthly fathers were not physically present.

I wrote this book to shed light on how the devil works because when we see his tactics we can guard our hearts and homes from his bidding. He knows that blessed are the parents who are covered in floury hugs and sugary kisses, blessed are the homes whose walls echo boisterous giggles and whispered I love yous, and whose floors shake under dancing feet both big and small. And blessed is the world whose children are raised in and by love.

You see, the devil knows that God longs for us to be firmly planted in His field of grace so the father of lies attacks so many of us at our roots. When we know better we can do better and when we do better we can end cycles of generational hurt, we can kick the devil out of our soil and souls. When we invest the most precious commodity of time on our children, really get to know them to pour love on them in a manner they can comprehend, they flourish as their roots are not damaged and needing to be nursed to health.

I don't believe you have to have a vested interest in adoption to get something out of this book. It is more how God showed up in the broken cracks of a little girl's being and used His peace and His people to help nurse her back to health- back to Him. A written testimonial of How God loved me enough to put out my self destructive flame and use those ashes to bring about great beauty- Isaiah 61:3

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