Book Opening Night!

God is awesome! Seriously, awesome. He has appointing so many of His people to bring provision to my book opening night.

I was feeling a little bummed that the venue I had originally reached out to was not getting back to me. Then I started to look into other places, which the prices were too high to make this night a successful as a fundraiser for Fireweed Retreat or the flow of the architecture was off and just wouldn't work for what I had planned. BUT GOD had His plan the whole time the other venues did not work out. A sweet lady and her husband that I went to high school with reached out to me and said that they wanted to bless me with their venue. WOW! Talk about God using His people to bless the socks right off your Jesus loving feet! Waterville Event Center ( ) is the venue, Leslie and Sean are the blessing of owners. If you have an upcoming event, I highly recommend you patronize this beautiful location with even more lovely owners! I am so grateful, humbled and in awe that they faithfully followed God's call that He placed upon their hearts; what a beautiful sacrifice they are making for what I hope to be a successful night of building funds for Fireweed Retreat. Join me at the Waterville Event Center, the first Saturday of Adoption Awareness Month- November 2nd- from 6-8pm. --Purchase a Fireweed wristband ($5) all proceeds goes to Fireweed Retreat

--Purchase a signed book ($17.08 [includes tax]) and a portion of the proceeds goes towards Fireweed Retreat

Kindle version releases November 2nd!

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