The Fireweed Book opening is quickly approaching and even though the time is near and I will be speaking at this event (no kidding!? haha!) to which many might find standing before a crowd daunting, I find myself getting more excited than nervous. Being that I am a Two on the Enneagram, I LOVE having the opportunity to invest my time in people, really relating to others in a grand (public speaking) or cozy (small group or one on one) way. I just love people in any capacity.

I am elated that I get to be in the presence of other triad members, those touched by adoption, those just looking to read a book written by their friend/family member, and those whom I have never met but have heard of my story.

There will be a book reading, a photo booth, inspirational coloring pages, make your own bookmarks and a plethora of food (including vegetarian and GF options- no, I'm not talking fruits and veggies only, I mean YOU get a sandwich and YOU get a sandwich and YOU get a sandwich (said in Oprah-esk voice whilst pointing with great gusto). I've been to far too many events that my dear GF and fellow vegetarians eat a plate sparse with fruits and veggies while others feasted. Not at my event, gluten-free honeybuns! READ HERE TO BYPASS THE ELABORATE STORYTELLING: To make a short story long--haha!--while you are coming to enjoy your evening, if you happen to snap some pictures could you please post them on FB with the hashtag of #Fireweed. I would so appreciate being able to look through the event through others' eyes and capture moments I may miss in the whirlwind of it all. See you all soon!

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