Fireweed Retreat 2020 is Going Digital; COVID-19 Update

Wise Counsel and Prayers

After months of seeking wise counsel (Proverbs 5:1-2, 12:15, 11:14, 15:22, 19:20-21) and praying for discernment over God's will--not ours--for Fireweed Retreat, we have come to the conclusion that for the 2020 Fireweed Retreat we will be going digital.

Many factors went into making this hard decision to not cancel but adjust according to the current times. We are sad to not meet in person, to miss out on hugs with our arms and not just our words, but we are at peace. The peace that rests in the knowledge that we are doing what we believe is in alignment with God's will and the best practice to keep our staff, speakers, and beloved first mothers safe.

We are in the works for a September 2021 date at Beaulah Beach. Stay connected with Fireweed Retreat to hear the specific dates announced.

What Digital is Going to Look Like

Saturday, September 19, 2020, we will have Fireweed Retreat via zoom. We will send out the invite this August with the specific time and a bit more detail than what is about to be shared.

We are so glad to announce that Michelle Harris, MFT is joining us via zoom to speak on the Enneagram and how to tailor a self-care regimen based on your unique number. We did not want to cancel and leave you precious first mommas an entire year without this amazing knowledge of building a healthy, tailored self-care plan. We are also wildly excited to announce we have added a panel of adoptive moms joining us to answer questions we first mommas have always wanted to ask. We are all about hope and healing at Fireweed Retreat and part of that is investing in the Sisterhood of the Triad. Learning from each other, building relationships and empathy on both sides. How this will work is you will submit all questions for our adoptive mom panel in August. More on this in the invite to come at the beginning of August.

What will the Digital Fireweed Retreat 2020 Cost?

Covid-19 hit many of us hard relationally, emotionally, and financially. Our gift to you this year, 2020, to help lessen the burden of expenses and the emotional toll that social distancing is taking is Fireweed Digital Retreat 2020 at zero cost to first mothers.

Our generous donors have shown up and loved us well through their financial gifts. We have been blessed to have the 2021 Fireweed Retreat to be fully funded (funds designated for this year's in-person retreat have been 100% allocated to next year's) and we have begun to financially plan for 2022. We believe that the Lord will provide for our future and in that faith, we are allocating our financial funds for 2022 to cover 100% of the cost for first mommas to join this year's digital Fireweed Retreat.

It is our prayer that going digital will allow more first mommas the chance to join us. It is our mission to build community and connection rooted in the hope of Jesus with women who have placed their beloved child(ren) for adoption. A digital retreat will help build this mission, not destroy it. Paul says it beautifully in 1 Thessalonians 2:17,

"...when we were separated from you, [brothers and] sisters, for a short time (in presence, not in affection) we became all the more fervent in our great desire to see you in person."

We are looking forward to seeing you ladies on this year's digital Fireweed Retreat zoom call, but we are "all the more fervent in our great desire to see you in person" at the 2021 Fireweed Retreat at Beulah Beach.

With the utmost respect for your important and precious life,

Jennifer Mae

Founder and Director of Fireweed Retreat

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