Five Tables

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The Fireweed Book Opening was a huge success! I expected half the people and consequently half the book sales. So many people came that my amazing helpers had to put up THREE extra tables! That blew my mind. I am wildly grateful for everyone who made their way out in the chilly November evening to help celebrate God's story of redemption and beauty in my life. But that's only three tables... The next table is the oak antique that sits in my dining room. This table is worth mentioning as it is the one I sat at whilst counting the change to separate out what is to be donated. SIX HUNDRED and TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. "I must have miscounted," I thought aloud. Three more times I separated out the piles into $100's. My math, though not my strong suit, was consistent on all the counts. But just to be safe I asked my Husband to help add up all the numbers because there is no way humanly possible that I came home with $625 in donations. My main-squeeze has his degree in architecture so he is far more math-minded than I so, surely, he could figure out what I am doing wrong. He counted then we counted then I called my best friend- my mom- and told her through flabbergasted lips that people had used last night as the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. You see, there was no HUMANLY way possible for that much to be donated, BUT GOD. Through that money, we hit our minimum funding goal for Fireweed Retreat and yes, Patsy, I cried--haha! Now for the fifth table... As I aforementioned with the money counted at table number four, Fireweed Retreat become fully funded at the minimum amount we needed to run the retreat. What "minimum" means is at $5,000 my staff and I would have to prep and cook every meal; the minimum does not cover the cost of Beulah Beach providing our meals. A donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, found out about this funding difference and gifted the exact amount to cover the cost of us ladies sitting at a table together and all enjoying meals someone else prepares. Our seat at the table has been paid for by the sacrifice of another. If I was not sure God had His provisional hand through all this, that last sentence solidifies any drop of doubt. For it was Jesus who bought my seat at the Heavenly table through His ultimate sacrifice. He would use His people to bless them while mirroring the gospel. Well played, God, well played. P.S. This is not the first time Jesus has heard a Fireweed Retreat prayer and immediately answered it. But that, my friends, is for another blog. For now, let this goodness of God on the move marinate your hearts and minds.

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