Why a Christ-centered Birthmother's retreat?

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I have always wanted to attend a retreat for Birthmothers, but I did not want one where I would relate to all the other women around me solely through the trauma and grief that adoption is/can be for a Birthmother.

Yes, adoption has hard and heavy grief and that needs to be acknowledged and honored, but the thought of a weekend away that is focused on that grief and not the hope and peace that Jesus so freely gives, was not appealing to me. And so I thought, "There has to be other women who feel as I do." That thought was placed on the back burner as I was in the process of writing a book, but God kept telling me that this message- His message- needs to go beyond these pages and into action.

I finally mustered the courage to tell a coworker this dream that God placed on my heart and God placed it on her's to tell the Programs Director at Spirit of Faith Adoptions what I had said.

Fast forward a year later and Fireweed Retreat is just shy of 3/4 of the way to our minimum funding goal, women are reaching out to me on the facebook page to attain attendance information and I finally publish my book that I am using as a fundraising tool for Fireweed so that God can work His hope and peace in the lives of women who placed for adoption.

My heart's desire is for this retreat is to love women so well that they leave the retreat with their cups overflowing with goodness so that they are able to pour that out on other. I long to show them their worth and identity in Jesus, teach them about healthy self-care/coping mechanism and learning what safe people are as to build a healthy support network they can rely on for community care and to build a network of women who understand this unique loss through adoption, but leave the retreat understanding that Birthmother is a title they bear but not their identity.

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