Mom on the go in Holy Toledo Book Club

I love people.

Being able to be in camaraderie with others, especially in a deeper connection that goes beyond the surface of small talk--though I enjoy small talk as well--fills my mental/emotional cup.

I'm a 2 on the enneagram (relationally driven) so it is no surprise that when the sweet and innovative Kat from, 'Mom on the go in Holy Toledo' brought the idea of digging into, 'Fireweed' with others in a book club, I was super excited to fill my cup with this book club-y goodness. Talking to people about a topic that is deep, extremely vulnerable and of great personal nature may seem like an off-putting thing to put oneself into, but this 2 LOVES the opportunity.

So, beloved people, all the above is to say that not only is my book the featured literature for the first book club (YAY!), but I am also on the Mom on the go in Holy Toledo Book Club page, so as you read, and come to discuss what you read, you'll be able to have access to the gal who wrote the words and lived the story out loud. Let's go deep together in the redemptive story of God's grace sprouting beauty from the ashes of my past!

The discussion starts in January, so, what is a gal to do until then? Glad I asked--haha! (Yes, I am authentically this dorky.) We are in the "Invite everybody and their mother to join in on the book club" stage. What you can do in the meantime is join the facebook group--linked in the paragraph above--share the Event and grab the book off Amazon--Link to order the book is in the "Event" link in this sentence. I hope I get to experience this really cool opportunity with you--a book club with the author!

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