Toledo Moms: A Birth Mother's Voice in the Mainstream

I've been busy writing, promise! I have not been silent, though my Fireweed Blog has not been as active in recent months.

I was allotted the opportunity to write for a local mother's blog, 'Toledo Moms'.

Being a more mainstream blog with typical, yet not any less beautiful, mother's voices, I jumped on the opportunity to bring the voice of my--our--valid motherhood to such a source.

Voiced Among The Seated.

In more recent years birth mothers have been invited to sit at the triad table to speak among their sisters-and-brothers-in-triad. Our voices are starting to be heard among those who are seated, but for our voices to be heard among those who are not directly tied to adoption is a much harder seat to attain. So, for my mission to bring empathy, a channel to voice our valid grief and joy in our unique but authentic motherhoods, and ultimate healing through breaking the chains of disenfranchised grief, I took on the opportunity to write for the hearts and minds that do not have a keen understanding of what adoption looks. Sure, most have an understanding of the joys of new parenthood that the main stream displays from the adoptive parent side. But voices like mine are not typically heard, let alone wanted.

My voice is wanted in the mainstream. I see this as a victory towards authentic adoption stories. Ashley Ralston, the founder of Toledo Moms allotted this opportunity, this small but mighty victory towards breaking the chains that bind so many mothers to a life of silent suffering in their unique but valid loss of their children through adoption. I am grateful for Ashley seeing my voice, my motherhood, as one that needs to be shared outside the confines of a single table. Thank you Ashley.

With tear laced eyes and vulnerable authenticity, I gratefully present to you, my voice in the mainstream; Birth Mother's Day: Forgotten Motherhood Broken Hearts From Pandemic Postponed Adoption Visits

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